Adaptive Sound Technologies – Sound + Sleep Machine Review

The move to NYC was unexpected but exciting nevertheless. New job, great food, the inimitable vibe, amazing people and err…a pigeonhole of an apartment on a busy street that’s undoubtedly, the noisiest place on earth that I have ever been to.

At first, it was mildly annoying with all the incessant honking and the loud roar of an occasional monster car that would zip away with a painstakingly loud exhaust sound. But soon, I found that sleeping became impossible. There were these random spurts of sound that would wake me up in the middle of the night, often multiple times. Oh, did I forget to mention the dogs?

The next day would be spent in limbo, guzzling espressos by the dozen trying to stay awake. It came to a point that it started to affect my performance at work drastically. A colleague suggested turning on the fan to drown the outside noise. But once again, the problem were these random intense sounds that could wake someone a 1000 miles away, let alone me. The fan just wasn’t effective against it.

The next suggestion came from a friend who also happens to be a sleep therapist. She suggested that I try the Adaptive Sound Technologies – Sound + Sleep White noise machine. Let me tell you, I smelled snake oil. How can someone use sound to cut out sound? Does that even make sense?

Two weeks later, I was sleeping like a log for 9 hours at a stretch without even twitching once. This is my experience with the Sound + Sleep White noise machine.

How the white noise machine works

If you are reading this, then chances are that you already know what white noise is. I am sorry about the backstory, but I had to explain how and why I got the machine. It was the first time that I’d even heard the term ‘sound machine’. Apparently they have been around for more than 50 years.

The Sound + Sleep White Noise machine uses white noise in an array of different sound profiles that will eventually mask out any surrounding ambient sound, working somewhat like a lullaby (?) to put you to sleep. You can pick from 10 different sound profiles in this machine from Adaptive Technologies.

But that’s not what makes it so effective in helping prevent light sleepers like me from waking up at the slightest intense, intrusive sound. As the name suggests, it adapts to the surrounding ambient sounds and then auto-adjusts the volume of the sound profiles, completely neutralizing those noises.



If you have chosen Ocean, which is one of the sound profiles that the machine offers, all you can hear is waves crashing until you drift to sleep. And then if suddenly a dog barks outside your window, all that you will hear is a wave crashing slightly louder and your mind won’t even pick up that sound because it has learnt to ignore it by then.

The result is perfect sleep that won’t be disturbed by any surrounding sound.

Is it easy to use?

That was my first concern too. But the Sound + Sleep white noise and sound machine is ridiculously easy to use. There are a few buttons on the front part of the plastic housing which you can use to power on/off the machine, set the volume, set the timer, switch on/off the adaptive technology and use a richness function. Selecting one of the sound profiles is as easy as rotating a rotary dial. Thankfully, no pressing buttons to toggle through these.

You can select from 10 different sound profiles. There’s city, rainfall, brook, meditation, white noise, waterfall, fireplace, ocean, meadow and train. My personal favorite is ocean. I recently tried rainfall too and liked it as well.

What I liked about it

The first thing that I liked about it was the adaptive technology that automatically masks out any surrounding sound. This is so effective that you won’t hear even the slightest outside sound. The other day, my neighbor had a party that went on till the wee hours. Someone complained to the cops in the middle of the night and the party was busted. Guess what? I slept through it all. That’s my next door neighbor by the way. How’s that for masking out intrusive sounds?

The other feature that I liked is that the sounds are continuous, or at least they seem to be. I know there has to be a loop somewhere but it’s not audible. There is no break in the rhythm. It’s like a continual flow that will knock you off in no time.

Lastly, there is a richness button which you can use to add multiple elements in a sound profile. The manual says that it’s called ‘Sound Stories’. Let’s say you have selected ‘The Ocean’, you can press the button once and the sound of seagulls will be added to the sound of waves. Press it once again and you can hear an occasional fog horn. You see? It adds newer layers to the sound profile that makes it more interesting.

You can try 48 sound combinations in all.

The Best features

I am really in love with this wonderful machine and pretty much like everything about it. But here are a few notable things that I can think of now.

  • Compact sized unit that fits easily on my bedside table
  • I can set a timer for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes or just let it run all night
  • The sound fades away as it turns off and it’s not an abrupt stop
  • The sound profiles are excellent, though am yet to try ‘City’
  • The richness feature makes it much more realistic
  • Controls are very easy
  • One touch control for volume adjustment
  • You can turn those annoying control lights off at night
  • You can even plug-in a headphone to listen to the sound alone

Who should buy the Adaptive technologies Sound + Sleep White Noise and sound machine?

This is such an effective machine for anyone who’s struggling with disruptive sleep. That’s irrespective of whether it’s a noisy street or a partner who snores like a truck. The Adaptive technologies sound + sleep white noise machine will adapt to the sound and put you to sleep in a jiffy. Highly recommended.