Best White Noise Machine For Baby – Top Baby Sound Machines 2017

White noise is a great sleep aid for adults and it has multiple benefits for babies as well. It helps them to fall asleep and keeps environmental noises from waking them up. Plus, it has a soothing effect on babies as it reminds them of the noises they heard in the womb.

Getting a white noise machine is probably the most effective and easiest way to ensure better sleep for your baby. However, picking out the right device can be tricky. You obviously don’t want to wind up with a product that stops working after the first week of usage. Plus, there are several things you  need to consider when choosing the best white noise machine for your baby.

Below you’ll find a selection of quality sound machines that are designed especially for babies with a description of their most important features.

Lectrofan Jr. White Noise Machine

Lectrofan Jr. is not soft and animal-shaped, but it’s the most durable and does the work the best.

It comes with 6 different pitched white noise and 6 fan options that are sure to put your baby to sleep and keep him or her from waking up. In addition to the best white noiseLectrofan jr. selection and quality, Lectrofan Jr. has 18 lullabies that can be either played sequentially or shuffled. I like to use these songs when it’s playing time, but they’re also helpful for soothing the baby to sleep.

The sound quality is impressive and this sound machine can go really loud, which makes it possible to place it quite far from the baby and still block out disturbing external noises that could disrupt your baby’s sleep.

Lectrofan can be plugged into the wall, but it also has an USB cable that comes in handy when traveling or when you need to use it in the car. A timer of 60 minutes enables you to set the machine on for an hour or two in case you don’t want to play white noise for your baby the whole night. You can get Lectrofan Jr. in three colors: white, blue and pink.


Cloud B Sleep Sheep

This cute sleeping sheep has been one of the most popular baby sound machines for a while now and that’s for a good reason – babies seem to love it!

sleep-sheepCloud B Sleep Sheep comes with 4 melodies and 4 basic soothing tracks: rain, ocean, heartbeat and whale. It’s not a classic white noise machine, but the ocean and rain options on this one are imitating common fan and white noise sounds, instead of being realistic nature recordings.

Sleep sheep runs on two AA batteries and it has a velcro strap for easy attachment, so you can take it with you everywhere you go. The sound machine part is removable in case you need to wash the sheep or want to give it to your little one as a cuddly toy.

It has two timer options:  you can set the machine to play white noise for your baby for either 23 or 45 minutes. So it’s perfect for putting the baby to sleep, but not the best choice if you want white noise to mask outside noises all night.

Cloud B has also made a sleep sheep sound machine especially for traveling. The traveling version has the same features as the original one, except that it only has four basic sounds and the heartbeart track is replaced with stream sound. It’s also a lot smaller.


Cloud B Gentle Giraffe

This baby sound machine is very similar to the sleep sheep: Gentle Giraffe is also soft and cute and has a smaller version for traveling with slightly different sounds than the full-sized animal. The sound box gentle-giraffelooks basically the same and is also removable.

It has the same lullabies as the sleep sheep does and it also includes the mother’s heartbeat sound for sleeping. The other 3 basic sounds on Gentle Giraffe are completely different though. There’s the Safari Groove track for play time, Safari Trails (basically birdsong with occasional jungle animal sounds) for relaxing and the Victorian Falls track that sounds like white noise.

I do think that the sheep version has a wider selection of relaxing sounds for sleeping, but this white noise machine is really great! I recently gave one as a gift to my friend’s baby girl and she’s crazy about the two jungle sounds. She especially seems to love the rhythms of the Safari Groove track (well, she’s obviously going to be a dancer or a drummer).

Just like the sleep sheep, the giraffe runs on AA batteries and has a velcro tab that makes it comfortable to hang anywhere you like. It also has adjustable volume and a timer option for 23 or 45 minutes.


myBaby Sound Spa Portable

Despite its relatively cheap price, myBaby Sound Spa is a great-quality product!

It’s one of the most durable baby sound machines I’ve had so far and the sound quality is good for this price. Another feature I like about this baby sound machine is that it can go quite loud if needed.

myBaby Sound SpaIt plays 6 different sounds:  white noise, heartbeat, ocean, brook, summer night and thunderstorm. All of them sound really nice (even the heartbeat track seems less creepy than the ones I’ve heard on other white noise machines that are made for babies). I actually use this sound machine myself from time to time, since I love the summer night sound on this one! The nature sounds are natural and realistic and the white noise and ocean sounds are perfect for putting your baby to sleep. Plus, they effectively drown out external noises when your little one is already asleep.

MyBaby Sound Spa comes with an adapter and can be plugged into the wall, but it also has a battery option, which makes it the perfect baby sound machine for traveling. It’s pretty compact and lightweight and has an option to set the timer for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Unlike the sleep sheep, this white noise machine can also play continuously throughout the night.


Zazu Kids Soft Heartbeat Sleep Soother

Zazu Kids Soft Heartbeat

This adorable sound machine comes in three options: Dex the Dog, Don the Donkey and Liz the Lamb. All of them are truly soft and can also be used as a cuddly toy – babies definitely seem to love them!

It’s the perfect white noise machine for infants, since it’s voice and touch activated. It’s easy to attach the plush toy to the crib and whenever it hears your little one crying, it starts playing the sound you last chose. The sound may also be activated by simply shaking the machine. After a while the machine switches itself off as well, so it’s probably the most convenient and functional white noise machine for babies at this price.

It has 6 sound options: 4 lullabies, heartbeat and white noise. The sound is pleasant and the quality is surprisingly good for a plush toy. The volume is adjustable and the sound machine is easily removable for washing. It works with two AA batteries, so it’s portable and great for traveling. Battery power also makes it possible to take the machine with you when going for a walk or for a visit with the baby.


Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine For Baby

Sweet Slumber is a great white noise machine for babies with multiple additional functions. And it has a great feature – you can plug your mp3 player into the sound machine and play any audio you want for your baby, even recordings of your own voice!Graco Sweet Slumber

It comes with 12 different built-in sounds, including heartbeat and white noise. You can choose from soothing nature tracks, like forest and whale sounds, and it also has a selection of lullabies. The sound selection is actually quite original compared to other white noise machines on the market in this price range.

Sweet Slumber can be run on batteries that makes it comfortable to use on the go, or plugged into the wall using the included AC adapter. It can play white noise or music all night and a timer allows you to shut the machine off automatically. Plus, there’s a nice blue nightlight at the top of the machine.


Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother

This well-designed owl produces a great combination of nightlight and soothing sounds that can lull the fussiest baby to sleep.

Skip Hop Moonlight and MelodiesNightlight Soother comes with 4 nature sounds: waves, white noise with heartbeat, rainforest and jungle crickets. It also has 4 lullabies that can be used while nursing or playing as well. It’s a decent sound machine for a baby, but we especially love the nightlight features on this one.

The belly of the owl emits adjustable soft light that isn’t too bright or intense, but just enough to make the baby feel calm and secure. You can also set the machine to project a nightscape with stars and moon onto the ceiling or the wall. The nightlight features are highly adjustable and can also be used separately, without playing any sound.

It has a timer to automatically shut the machine off in case you don’t need it to play the sounds or project light all through the night. Although it comes with several features and options to choose from, it’s very easy to use.


Baby Shusher

This original invention is a must-have for all babies, especially for newborns! baby-shusher

Baby shusher is not a typical white noise machine for babies: it only plays one sound and that’s a recorded human voice shushing. It’s very simple, yet highly effective on babies, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

The idea for this small device is taken from the popular book “The Happiest Baby on the Block”. It plays a rhythmic “shush” sound that’s mimicking the noises that babies hear in the womb and has a highly soothing effect on most babies. It works like magic for getting the baby to sleep, but it also has a calming effect – babies usually instantly stop crying when they hear the shushing sound.

Baby shusher is small and comfortable to use. It works with two AA batteries, which makes it portable and easy to use outside the house. It has decent volume control and a built-in timer enables you to shush the baby for either 15 or 30 minutes straight.