Best White Noise Machine 2018 – Top Sleep Sound Machine Reviews

White noise machines literally saved my life! Thanks to these strange-looking small devices I was finally able to sleep like a baby every night. And that despite the pesky neighbor living upstairs from me and the ceiling that appeared to be thin like paper. I can’t imagine what my health would be like today or how much longer my boss would have put up with me walking around like a zombie and making these dumb mistakes at work, if I hadn’t discovered white noise and relaxing sleep sound machines.

White noise machines provide better sleep by generating constant background noise that’s blocking out external distractions. White noise can mask footsteps, barking dogs, snoring loved ones, ringing in the ears and traffic, so that you can fall asleep with no effort and you won’t be woken up in the middle of the night. These sound machines also help you to concentrate better when studying or working and can soothe a baby to sleep in just one minute. In fact, even dogs love white noise machines!

However, not every white noise generator out there is able to mask external sounds effectively enough and some of the cheapest white noise machines may actually be more irritating than relaxing. Since I know that finding the right machine can be a difficult task, I’ve put together this list of the highest quality sleep sound machines. They’re at different price ranges and some of them play only pure white noise while others come with a decent selection of soothing nature sounds, but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed getting one of the items on this list. You just have to decide which one is the best machine to meet your needs.

Marpac Dohm-DS



The classic! Developed back in the 60s, Dohm is still one of the most popular sleep sound machines with over 11000 customer reviews on Amazon and there’s a good reason for that.

Unlike most of today’s white noise machines that are playing prerecorded sounds, Dohm-DS generates the noise mechanically with a built-in fan, which means it has a true, natural sound and no disturbing loops. It’s also very durable! I’ve had mine for ages and it’s still as good as new. A safe buy if you’re looking for your first white noise machine and like minimalistic style.



  • It’s easy to use: This is why Marpac Dohm is still my most used sound machine for sleeping. It has two speed options and you can easily adjust the tone and volume of the sound as you prefer.
  • Suitable for all needs: Although it’s very simple, Dohm-DS is the perfect noise blocker for sleeping, studying and working. Babies seem to love this machine too.
  • Best price-quality ratio: As said above, it’s long-lasting, can be used for masking all types of noises, plus the sound has good quality.
  • Convenient for traveling: It’s not the smallest machine out there, of course, but it’s small and light enough to take it with you everywhere you go.


  • It’s simple: Just the pure, natural fan sound. So if you’d prefer something fancier with a variety of nature sounds, there are devices  that are probably more suitable for you.
  • No headphone socket: Which means that if you’re planning to use your white noise generator in a dorm room, an office or right next to your snoring wife or husband, you’d first have to make sure everyone’s OK with the fan sounds.
  • No battery options: Only the power cord. It hasn’t been an issue for me, but you may not be able to place your sound machine everywhere you’d like to or use it when traveling to a country where the power sockets are different.




Adaptive Sound Technologies – Ecotones Sound+Sleep machine

Ecotones Sound+Sleep
This one is a high quality product and it’s the only one with this cool feature:

  • It automatically adjusts the volume in accordance with the level of external noise in your environment.

It can be a bit annoying sometimes when you’re just trying to fall asleep (and you can always turn the feature off), but it’s really useful when you’re already asleep. This adaptive technology will keep you from waking up no matter what goes on in your neighborhood or in your room, if you’re suffering from a snoring husband or wife. It’s really convient too, since you don’t have to get up and adjust the volume yourself after every 5 minutes.

It has a really good sound quality with no repetitive  loops. There are 30 different sounds to choose from, all of them are natural, realistic and rich. This sleep sound machine has high noise masking abilities, an input for headphones and a timer that can be set to 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes and, of course you can let it run all night also. In addition to white noise, this sleep machine also has brown noise, pink noise and fan options.

  • You can customize the basic sounds by adding layers: For example you can add birdsong to the basic sound of meadow (which I love by the way).
  • The best white noise machine for tinnitus: I know that a few sleep sound generator manufacturers make therapy sounds especially for tinnitus sufferers. However, I find that this Sound+Sleep machine is the most helpful for getting a good night’s sleep when you hear disturbing ringing in your ears. Why? Because with some of the machines the sounds that should be made for tinnitus relief are too low for me. Ecotones has high-pitched sounds in both meadow and meditation tracks that actually drown out tinnitus symptoms.


Lectrofan Micro

Lectrofan Micro

Lectrofan Micro is my new favorite sleep sound machine! It’s incredibly small and lightweight, yet has an amazing sound quality and it can go really loud. And, it can also be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker. Micro does not only have adjustable volume, but an adjustable speaker as well. The swivel design allows you to adjust the direction of the sound, which makes it perfect for drowning out unwanted sounds at home or at office. It has a neat design and it’s really easy to use, despite its multiple functions. Plus, it’s really cheap compared to other machines with such quality.

Lectrofan Micro comes with 10 sounds to fall asleep to: ocean, 4 different white noise and 5 fan sounds. You can also pair Micro with any Bluetooth-enabled device and listen to your favorite tracks. The sounds are relaxing and, which makes the product especially great, they’re dynamically generated and don’t have any disturbing loops. Micro is great for home use, but it’s easily portable and convenient for traveling as well. It runs on a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 16 hours, but you can also power it via USB-cable or plug it into a wall outlet.

Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II


Homedics HDS-2000 has the best sound quality of all the machines I’ve tried in this price range. Plus it’s comfortable to use and comes with twelve different sounds to choose from. It also has a digital display (and you can easily turn off the light on this one if it bothers you at night). Unlike many other modern sound machines, the loops on Homedics HDS-2000 are not noticeable at all and the tone of sounds is highly customizable. This white noise generator is for you if you’re looking for great sound quality, need some extra settings besides the white noise, yet don’t want to pay a three-figure sum.



  • Comes with a remote control: You can easily control the volume and tone of the sound from anywhere in the room.
  • It has a timer: You can let the machine play continuously, but you also have the option to set it to shut off after 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
  • A great variety of sounds: It has 4 different white noise options to choose from (one designed especially for tinnitus sufferers) and 8 nature tracks including ocean, thunderstorm and campfire.
  • Sound therapy option: You can fall asleep listening to your favorite water or nature sound and then let the sound machine play plain white noise for the rest of the night to keep you from waking up.
  • Excellent sound quality and high noise masking capabilities: The quality of sound is really something, plus you can easily adjust the tone and volume according to your needs. Also, the white noise options on this Homedics sound machine have the best ability to mask irritating external noises out of all the white noise generators I’ve used.


I really can’t think of much, but each product has to have some disadvantages, right? So I think it would be better if it had a built-in alarm clock. I mean, this sound machine makes you sleep so deeply that sometimes it can be difficult to get up. Also, the design of this product is kind of a matter of taste.




Sound Oasis S-5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy

Sound Oasis S-5000

Now this one is the absolute top of sleep sound machines.

With a subwoofer and two speakers, it produces the richest possible sound quality. Plus, you can easily adjust the bass and treble to find the sound that’s the most suitable for you.

S-5000 Deluxe has 24 different sounds and 5 mix sounds, giving you the total of 145 different sounds to fall asleep to at night. So you’ll never get bored with this sleep sound machine! It has a white noise option, a cooling fan sound, a great variety of authentic ocean and rain sounds, a heartbeat track for babies and much more. What I like the most is that this machine has a few different great quality birdsong tracks. Multiple studies have shown that listening to birds does not only help people to relax, but also to concentrate. Therefore, it has a tremendous impact on studying and it can raise your productivity when doing any kind of mental work.

Anyways, this machine is for you if you’re looking for a sleep sound machine with the highest sound quality, multiple extra features and a wide selection of sounds. It’s also recommended a lot as a tinnitus relief.



  • The highest quality of sound: Three speakers (with subwoofer) along with a bass/treble control option.
  • A built-in stereo radio
  • It has an alarm clock with a digital calendar and a voice memory recorder: You can set multiple alarms and choose between three different alarm sounds.
  • It has a timer: You can set the timer to 30, 60 or 90 minutes and of course you can also the sound machine play all night.
  • A headphone jack: Gives you the opportunity to plug in your headphones, iPhone or even a speaker pillow.


  • It’s addictive: I know it’s supposed to be a sleep sound machine, but I find myself using it a lot (may-be even too much) during the daytime too, whenever I’m at home. I sometime even listen to the sounds when taking a bath! It also gets borrowed a lot since my neighbour, who’s working from home, says it helps her to concentrate and her daughter to remember things better when studying.
  • High-end price: S-5000 Deluxe is not the cheapest sleep machine out there. It has the best sound quality and selection of tunes, but if you don’t need all the extra features or are just looking for the best white noise generator for sleeping, you can probably get something cheaper, like the Lectrofan machine reviewed below.




LectroFan White Noise Machine


Lectrofan BlackThis LectroFan sound therapy machine has no fancy extras or nature sounds, but it’s the best choice in this price range if you’re looking for a pure white noise generator to block out external sounds. Despite to LectroFan’s strange looks, this is a serious machine! It has 10 fan and 10 white noise variations. So it can handle your neighbor’s barking dogs, the lunatic who just moved upstairs from you, an open office full of people and the snoring you’ve been having to put up with in your own bed (well, at least the half of it should be yours).



  • A great selection of different white noise and fan sounds for every taste and situation.
  • Clear sound and highly adjustable volume
  • Effectively masks all kinds of sounds
  • Timer option
  • USB power cord (in addition to the regular one)
  • It’s easily portable

You can take it with you to the office or when traveling.



I really can’t think of anything negative about this sound generator, especially for this price. As I said, if you need your sleep machine to include some other sounds besides white noise and fan, this Lectrofan machine may not be for you.


Marpac Marsona 1288A Programmable Sound Conditioner


Marpac Marsona-1288AWith this Marpac sound conditioner it’s easy to create the perfect customized sound for sleeping  by adding overlay sounds to eight basic tunes. For example you could add the overlay sound with croaking frogs to the brook basic sound or enrich some of the ocean tracks with the voice of seagulls. Most of the tracks are from nature, but this Marsona also has a white noise option. All of the sounds are really relaxing, natural and clear and the sound conditioner is really easy to use.

Like all Marpac products, this sleep sound machine is top-notch quality and that applies to both of the sound and durability of the product.

It has a timer to automatically shut off the machine after 60 minutes, a headphone jack, a large high quality speaker and highly customizable sound. What I like the most is that on this machine you can set the base so low that it actually masks low-frequency sounds like the footsteps of upstairs neighbors and some heavy door slamming.

The only downside of this product for me is that it has no battery option. Otherwise I’m very happy with this sound machine and I really suggest you to check it out. The only reason I can’t recommend it as the best white noise machine is that there are machines with more different white noise options, like the Lectrofan white noise generator. The white noise on Marsona 1288A is great though and should work for all needs.



If you’re still not sure which sleep sound machine to go for or you want to learn more about how white noise works, check out my ultimate buyer’s guide. Check these reviews if you’re looking for top white noise machines for your baby.