Graco Sweet Slumber Review – Sound Machine With Night Light

After a couple of months of trying to keep my baby asleep, I finally stumbled across the Graco Sweet Slumber Sleep Machine, and I’m so glad that I did! We live in an apartment building and the noise is too much for the little one (8 months old now) and she’s been having trouble sleeping. I heard about this white noise machine from a friend and decided to try one out! That was four months ago. Now our little one sleeps much better and I have Graco to thank!

Features:Graco Sound Machine

  • 12 built-in sounds, including white noise, heartbeat and nature sounds
  • MP3 player plug-in
  • battery option
  • soft glow night light
  • timer option

The machine works great, and I love the features they built in. Here are some things that I noticed:


The extra sounds programmed into the device are great! I liked that they had more than just white noise available on the device, although some of them take some getting used to. Nonetheless, it put our baby girl to sleep so I’m thankful for them! There were some interesting developments with the sounds, however. When we first turned the machine on it was very loud (though not overpoweringly so). After a little while, however, it started to die down. I think that it could stand to be a little bit louder, but maybe it’s loud enough for children since their eardrums are less developed. Either way, it doesn’t seem to affect our baby’s sleep so I won’t complain.
Another great thing about the sounds on this Graco machine is that they have an MP3 plug in option. Our family loves jazz and our little one has grown quite fond of the music as well. With the MP3 plug in option, I’ve been able to make a playlist on my iPod and let her listen to it during nap time. She’s been responding really well to it, so I think this was an excellent additional feature for them to add. All in all, I think that the sound options that they’ve provided with this machine are wonderful and I wouldn’t change very much at all!


This was a huge selling point for me since my husband and I travel often! It’s great to have a sleep machine that can travel easily and doesn’t get in the way! It only weighs a pound and is about a half a foot tall. When I bring a larger diaper bag I can fit it in easily. It also has the option to let me power it two ways which works great since we’re not always indoors when we need to operate it (we like to have picnics and family hikes). The Graco Sweet Slumber machine is great because it has a plug in option that we use most of the time when we put her down to sleep, but it also has a battery operated option. It takes four double A batteries, which we thought might be a bit much over time price wise. However, we were able to find some rechargeable batteries at Walmart which helped a lot (it was only about $20 and says it should last for 5 years). We use the battery operated option when we’re traveling, visiting relatives, etc. It’s been very helpful – possibly one of the best features of this device. Another feature that works great with this one is the automatic shut off option. When we’re at home we don’t really have much use for it since we can keep it plugged in, but when we’re traveling its great! We don’t have to recharge our batteries nearly as often and she still gets restful sleep. If you travel frequently this device will make a world of difference for you! You’ll be able to help your baby fall asleep no matter where you’re travelling – which will help you get some sleep too.


The sound and portability were the biggest things that stood out to me with this device, but there are a few other things worth noting. The Graco machine also has an easy use night light on top of the device that will glow while it’s in use. It’s nice to have when I’m checking up on our little one during her nap time because I can see her without turning on the lights and disturbing her sleep. Simple, but very effective. It also came with a guide full of tips that proved helpful and it was very easy to figure out the controls. I’m very impressed with how well this works, especially when considering the price. I’d definitely buy one again!