Homedics SS-5020 Sound Spa Review

Everyone knows about my passion for sound machines. So this one I got as a Christmas gift and was instantly blown away by the number and variety of sounds this device offers!

Homedics Sound Spa SS-5020 is a product with multiple functions, which makes it especially convenient for everyday use. It’s a sound machine, a radio and an alarm clock – all in one. So it’s not just a white noise machine for masking outside noises, but a true sound spa. The only thing it lacks is the aromatherapy feature, but I guess that’s just what I associate the word spa with.

Homedics Sound Spa

Below you’ll find the features this sound machine comes with, what I liked about SS-5020 and the downsides of this product.


  • 20 different sound profiles to choose from: White Noise, Heartbeat, Brook, Rain, Oceanside, Thunderstorm, Summer Night, North Woods, Aviary, City, Dockside, Ebb Tide, Everglades, Fireside, Foghorns, Rain Forest, Roadside, Steam Train, Surf’s Up, Wind Chimes.
  • Digital FM radio.
  • Dual alarm clock with multiple settings and features.
  • Large display for sound track name, date and time with adjustable brightness.
  • Digital volume control.
  • Comes with an AC adapter, but can also be run on 3 AA batteries.
  • Product warranty: 1 year.
  • A timer in case you want the machine to automatically turn off after 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.


The largest selection of sounds. Most white noise and sound machines don’t offer half as many sounds as this one! It has 20 tracks to pick from, including the popular sounds of white noise, thunderstorm, ocean, rain and summer night (which I personally love the most on all Homedics’ machines). Every one of them is natural and realistic. Although you may not like all of the sound profiles, you’ll definitely find many that are suitable for you.

Wide range of usability.

Homedics SS-5020  has all the sounds you’ll need for sleeping, relaxing, studying or working. The machine is loud enough to mask unwanted noises with white noise when you’re trying to fall asleep and the heartbeat sound works great for soothing babies, especially newborns. This Homedics sound spa is suitable for traveling too due to its small size and battery backup option.

Multiple alarm clock settings. SS-5020 allows you to set two different alarms, one for workdays and the other for weekends. Plus, you can choose whether you want to wake up to the special included alarm rings or use one the nature sounds or the radio instead. The wake-up alarm is gradually getting louder and it has a snooze option as well.

A large LCD that displays time, date and current sound. Unlike on many machines, the light is adjustable to bright or dim, it has three options for setting the brightness.

Good quality of sound. It has two speakers and the sound is great for both the nature recordings and the radio.

Very easy to use despite the number of functions and settings this Homedics sound machine has.

Homedics SS-5020



The alarm clock is not loud enough for me. I simply love the idea of these multifunctional products and was really hoping to use this sound machine as a radio, a white noise machine, a clock and an alarm clock, but I rarely actually wake up to the alarms on this one. However, I do have a strange problem: I’ve had difficulties with falling asleep for most of my life, but when I’m already asleep, almost nothing can wake me up. I’ve slept through the loudest alarm clocks and since the one on Homedics isn’t working for me, I have to use a different device for that purpose (which by the way is connected with one of the loudest speakers you can find out there. So now my alarm clock really freaks me out when it rings, but at least I don’t sleep in anymore).

Anyways, I’m sure that the wake-up alarm is loud enough for normal people. My brother was visiting the other day with his family and he and his wife woke up to this (I’m still using it at weekends). And they were sleeping in the next room with the door closed.


I’m very happy with my Homedics sound machine and it would make a great buy for its price. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a great variety of sounds to choose from. It’s also the right machine for you if you’re traveling a lot, because it’s compact, lightweight and doesn’t take up too much space. Plus, it has a good sound quality, which you can’t say about many of the machines that made especially for traveling.

However, if you don’t care too much about nature sounds and you’re only looking for a white noise machine to block out your loud neighbors or their barking dogs, then a Marpac or Lectrofan model with multiple white noise settings would probably be more suitable for you.