Lectrofan White Noise Machine Review

I’m a fan of white noise, but I’m also a perfectionist when it comes to sounds. So for me, a sound machine that comes with 20 different fan and white noise options for under 50 bucks sounded like a bargain. I thought that with Lectrofan, I can finally find the perfect sound of background noise for me and I did. And not just one, but plenty!

black lectrofan

About Lectrofan white noise machine

Lectrofan machines are created by Adaptive Sound Technologies, a company which is known for its high quality products with excellent sound masking properties. The device has been popular ever since it came to the market on 2008 and it’s still one of the most recommended noise cancelling sound machines. It’s also an Amazon best-seller and has nearly 5000 reviews with a high average customer rating.

Lectrofan has also manufactured a machine especially for traveling and one that is meant for babies and children. The machines look identical with the original Lectrofan sound machine. They also have the same features, except that the Junior version has two more colors to choose from: you can get the machine in white, pink or blue.

The Lectrofan traveling machine has the same 20 sounds as the regular one. The difference is that it comes with a traveling kit that includes four different adapters for usage in Europe, UK, US and Australia, and a nylon travel pouch. Lectrofan Junior has slightly different selection of sounds. It has 6 basic white noise and 6 fan sounds. It also has 18 lullabies and baby melodies that you can use when it’s playing or nursing time. And they also work as a sleep aid for some babies.

Who can benefit from Lectrofan

If you have any kind of problems with disturbing sounds, this Lectrofan machine can help you.

The 20 different sound profiles and white Lectrofanadjustable volume can handle masking even the loudest sounds. If you have noisy neighbors or roommates, Lectrofan helps you to fall asleep fast and keeps you from waking up in the middle of the night. It also helps to relax and stop racing thoughts if you’re having difficulties with falling asleep because of stress or anxiety.

This sound machine is also useful for better concentration when studying or working. Its small size and light weight make it portable, so you can easily take it to the office or use it when traveling. You can successfully use Lectrofan for having private conversations or masking tinnitus symptoms as well.

Features and highlights of the product

Lectrofan has 10 different white noise and 10 fan sounds. The sounds are generated dynamically and therefore have no annoying noticeable loops. The volume is highly adjustable and can go really loud if needed. Actually, I think Lectrofan is the loudest sound machine I’ve had.

It comes with both a regular adapter for plugging it into the wall and an USB power cord. The USB power option along with Lectrofans’ small weight (about 1 pound) makes it especially comfortable to use outside the house.
Lectrofan also has a timer of 60 minutes.

What I like about Lectrofan

The most important feature of this Lectrofan device is of course the widest selection of white noise and fan sounds for every situation and taste. But asides from that, there are a few features that separate Lectrofan from other similar products.

The timer: Other sound machines come with a timer that offers quite limited options. You can either set it for 30 minutes or an hour and that’s it. It can be really annoying when you’re just about to fall asleep and realize the machine has gone off. Lectrofan, however, has an increasing timer system. Each time you press the button it adds another 60 minutes to the timer. I usually set it for 3 hours so that I know that I have enough time to safely fall asleep, yet I won’t be missing my wake-up alarm in the morning.

The USB-cord: Thanks to the USB power option I can put the machine anywhere I want inside and outside my house. You can connect Lectrofan into a laptop or a power bank and use it in the car for soothing a baby (just make sure it’s not loud enough to make you sleepy when you’re driving!).

I’ve always struggled with falling asleep in hotel rooms and other strange places, but with the USB-cord I can turn my Lectrofan on when going for a visit or a business trip. Besides, my dog literally hates riding in the car! But the fan sounds of this machine seem to calm him down and reduce the stress a lot.

A downside to consider

Lectrofan is a pure white noise machine designed specifically for masking disturbing sounds and helping people to sleep, relax and concentrate better. It doesn’t have any nature sounds, so if you need them, you’d have to get an additional sound machine.


I think it’s the best choice if you need a machine for masking outside noise. It’s a lot cheaper than most sound machines that only come with one or two white noise sounds you may not even like. Everything that Lectrofan promises this device would do, it does perfectly. You sure won’t be disappointed if you decide to get one.