Marpac Dohm DS Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

Marpac Dohm Dual Speed has been the most popular white noise machine for years (actually, even decades if we count its earlier versions). It seems to be the most recommended one on different forums, it’s an Amazon best-seller and at the time of writing this article has over 10000 positive reviews on Amazon alone. Dohm DS also has one of the highest customer ratings among white noise machines on Amazon and Walmart. All of this is impressive, but is this just the result of smart marketing strategies or is Dohm really that irreplaceable?

Dohm Sound Machine Black White Tan

Marpac’s Dohm, formerly known as Sleepmate 980A is the original white noise generator. It was invented back in the 60s and unlike most of today’s sound machines, it’s still not using recordings, but produces the noise naturally. The first version of the product was actually an ordinary small fan inside a metal dog bowl! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to try out this unique invention, but the Sleepmate was the first white noise machine that I ever got and it’s still working great. It had a single speed option though and that’s why I decided to test out the new, dual-speed version of Marpac’s sound conditioner.



  • The white noise on Dohm DS is generated with a built-in fan that naturally creates the sound of rushing air.Dohm DS
  • Two speed options allow you to customize the tone of white noise for different types of sounds that need masking. You can alter the pitch by simply twisting the top of the machine.
  • Adjustable volume: there are little sound holes on the side of Dohm, so you can control the volume by rotating the side of the machine.
  • Three colors to choose from: black, white and tan.
  • Dimensions: 5.8 x 5.8 x 3.2
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Power options: comes with an 8-foot power cord



  • A wide range of usability. The fan noise on the Dohm sound machine is suitable for blocking all kinds of disturbing sounds and you can use it for sleeping, studying, working or just relaxing. Plus, it also works for getting a baby to sleep and it even has a soothing effect on dogs! I’ve found that the lower speed option on this device is great for masking low-frequency sounds like footsteps, while the higher pitch sounds can be effectively used if you have tinnitus or a problem with your neighbor’s barking dogs.
  • Durable and reliable. And that’s something you can’t say too often about today’s electronics. While many manufacturers seem to purposley make crappy products just to push the consumer to get a new one every year, Marpac really seems to pay attention to the quality. As I mentioned, I’ve had my earlier version of Dohm sound machine for many years and it still shows no signs of getting tired. I’ve even dropped it a couple of times, but it’s still as good as new.
  • Very easy to use. Simply turn on the machine, pick the speed and adjust the volume and tone by rotating the top or the sides of the machine.
  • It’s portable. Dohm white noise machine is lightweight enough to take it with you when going to work or when traveling.
  • Natural sound. The sound is created with an actual fan, so it has no annoying noticeable loops.
  • It’s quite an energy-saver compared to other sound machines.






  • It’s just a pure white noise generator. It only has the fan option and no nature sounds. I find white noise to be the most effective for getting a good night’s sleep anyway, but you may want to consider a sound machine with multiple different tracks to choose from. Dohm DS also comes without any fancy extras such as a timer, a radio or an alarm clock.



Marpac Dohm sound machine is a safe choice if you have some kind of problem that needs to be solved.

It’s great for masking tinnitus, footsteps or snoring when you’re trying to fall asleep and stops outside noises from waking you up in the middle of the night. Also, it’s beneficial for studying and you can use it at work as well, for example for blocking out the sounds of an open office.

However, if you need a machine with additional sounds, like rain, ocean or campfire, it probably isn’t for you. In that case, I’d suggest you to check out machines from Homedics or Adaptive Sound Technologies instead.