Sound Oasis BST-100 – Bluetooth Sound Therapy System

This small device is definitely one of the most customizable and interesting sound machines. It’s also one of the best buys I’ve recently made and it’s not even in the highest price range of sound and white noise machines.



About Sound Oasis BST-100

This is truly a multifunctional device! It comes with 10 great built-in sounds, but it also gives you so much additional options for playing your favorite tracks for sleeping.

The sound machine is also a Bluetooth speaker and can be paired with any device that supports Bluetooth. You can play relaxing music from your smartphone or tablet through the speaker and get a much better quality sound this way. In addition, there are several Sound Oasis apps available that you can use with this device. The machine has an input for a regular audio cable as well, which enables you to connect the speaker with any external device.

The sounds that come with BST-100 are stored on a removable micro SD card. You can add your own sounds to the card or replace it with another micro SD that has your favorite tracks. Sound Oasis offers a great selection of 8-hour long nature and white noise MP3s on their home page. You can easily download and add them to your sound machine playlist.

Product Features:

  • Switchable micro SD with 10 sounds.
  • Built-in microphone: you can use the device as a hands-free speaker for the smartphone.
  • A headphone jack in case your other half doesn’t like the sound of white noise or you have to sleep in an extremely noisy environment.
  • 30-foot Bluetooth wireless range.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery that makes it easy to use the sound machine outside your home.
  • USB cable allows you to charge the device from an AC-charger, laptop or computer.
  • The product can be used as a high quality Bluetooth speaker as well as a sound machine.
  • Product dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.6 inches


The Sounds

BST-100 has 10 built-in sounds to choose from: Ocean Surf, Gentle Surf, Thunder and Rain, Steady Rain, White Noise, Brown Noise, Rocky Mountain Stream, Summer Night, Woodlands and Heartbeat. White noise sounds like TV static and can be used for masking unwanted noise, while the brown noise is the best option if you’re used to falling asleep to a constant background noise.

All the nature sounds are very realistic and clear, the sound settings are natural and without noticeable loops. I especially love the stream and summer night sounds, but all of them are relaxing and pleasant. BST-100 has superb sound quality, especially for such a small device. The bass is impressive and so is the volume – the machine goes really loud, if needed.

The Good

The most outstanding features of this product are its high quality speaker, excellent tracks that the device comes with, and the highly customizable selection of sounds to fall asleep or relax to. I don’t think you’ll ever need another white noise machine thanks to the micro SD card and Bluetooth option! But I’m also surprised by the wide range of usability this Sound Oasis machine offers.

Bluetooth Sound Therapy

You can use it as a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Its small size, rechargeable battery and USB power option make it also the perfect sleep sound machine for traveling. It’s a great sleep aid for babies as well, since it has the mother’s heartbeat sound and you can add any lullabies or even recordings of your own voice to your SD card. BST-100 has great built-in sounds for sleeping, relaxing, noise masking and tinnitus relief and I just love that I can connect the machine with my computer or smartphone. In my opinion, the device would be worth its price even just as a speaker.

The Bad

There’s just one thing I don’t like about this sound machine: it doesn’t have a timer.

The 10 sounds that BST-100 offers are each 8 hours long. Which means that you select a track for sleeping and it plays for exactly 8 hours. After the recording ends, it switches to the next sound. I’d prefer the machine to shut off when the sound ends, instead of suddenly changing the soundscape. It has actually woken me up a couple of times. Plus, I don’t need to have white noise playing for that long, because I usually don’t wake up when I’m already asleep. So I’d just prefer to set the timer for 3 hours to safely fall asleep.

Luckily with some modifications, this problem can be solved. The app that Sound Oasis offers for this machine does have a timer. And there’s always the option of cutting, coping or replacing the sounds on the SD-card. I just duplicated the white noise, so now I can have it for 16 hours straight if I should ever happen to sleep for that long.

Some users on Amazon have complained about issues with defective sound cards. I have had no problems with my machine, but I’ve only had it for 6 months.

Final Thoughts

Sound Oasis BST-100 is definitely worth checking out. The customizable sound selection and high quality speaker make it the best sound machine in this price range. You won’t be having the problem of not liking some of the tracks on your machine, because you can easily add and replace them. It’s loud, so it drowns out disturbing noises at night and you can use it as a computer speaker on the daytime – what else could you ask from a sound therapy machine.